I love the CBD roll on!!  It is so soothing on sore muscles and anywhere you need some pain relief. I had a huge migraine one night and this roll on felt incredible and soothing on my head and neck! It has a combination of Menthol and CBD. Try it out! You won't regret it! 

- Faith

CBD Roll On

I recently tried the 1800mg tincture and I felt so good.  Besides the great taste, I felt rested and relaxed overall. -Aiden

Love my tinctures !!

I was having difficult time with my seizures and depression. The right side of my body was becoming numb and there was nothing that was helping me until a friend of mine recommended that I take CBD tinctures and gummies. I decided to give it a try and I have seen a great difference in my body and mood. Thank you hemp oil nyc. This changed my life and now I don't have to feel helpless. I'm so glad I found you. Wilson

Life Changing

I don't like using chemicals on my face so I gave this a try. It has natural ingredients and its toxin-free. I love the way this facial serum feels and smells on my skin. It is light weight and makes my skin feels hydrated. -Sophia

Facial Serum

My dog felt separation anxiety when I use to leave him. I decided to give the tinctures a try. I was surprised at the results that I got and my dog seemed happy taking it. -Owner of a Happy Husky :)

My dog feels great!

I got the gummies and fell in love with them. The taste is great. I feel relaxed and calm after taking them. These products also helped me sleep much better. -Ava

Sleep much better !

The CBD oil is great for all purposes! It helps me sleep at night, it works as an anti inflammatory, when also recovering my muscles, and it tastes better than any other oils I have tried! -Ethan

Tastes Great!

I highly recommend CBD pain cream. I feel it’s like a magic in a bottle. Great for back pain,  knee pain or any other pain.

  • Kay

Pain Cream

I recently tried the gummies and loved them. I suffer from anxiety and these just give me a good night sleep. -Steve

Relaxed it is!